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Let us Tell you about KinVis - aka Kinetic Visuals

We do computer graphics and a whole lot more.

Established in 1991 to provide innovative digital graphic solutions. Our services have been used for sales, education, promotion, and training. 

We offer creative solutions to the organization and display of information and ideas. By using appealing graphics appropriate for the medium and message, our interactive interfaces offer clear navigation to let people quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

We take any format of graphic, print, drawing or digital and convert it into a great looking useful digital format, ready for computer display. We sculpt words to create information that is readily available to create wisdom and knowledge.

By 2010 the nature of the internet and people's relationship to it has matured to require a new kind of interconnectedness. In some ways we must move back to move forward. The availability of social media and the ability to publish visuals easily allows enhanced communication venues and avenues.

We must all learn a new way of living as we watch the civilization spawned by 'what has been' crumble. As we walk towards a brave new world, relationship and community move into importance and that requires clear communication and vision.

We offer personalized service centered around the reality of your own making. We provide training for a variety of skills and offer workshops and lectures about visionary possibilities.

KinVis - Kinetic Visuals

New technologies
Old fashioned values

Old technologies
New fashioned values







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