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A sample of current web sites designed by KinVis

More to Come - A look into the future

DOME disciples of Mother Earth - learning from Mother, comforting her children

Environmental Management Solutions - J.R. Huyge and Associates

Ann Arbor Auto Repair Service - John Carter is a great mechanic.
Car repair made simple, just take your car to John.

Biochar - JR Huyge Associates

Bering Photography - Specializing in black and white photography

Tomcha and Vlasch Project - Unusual music for unusual people

Eaters Guild - Organic Farm in Southwest Michigan

Kwami da Love Swami - DETROIT'S NOT YO TOY

Martha Churchill family history - Genealogy including photos

www.med.umich.edu/haahc - African American Health Care Project
KinVis participated in graphic preparation for this project.

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